Tenants Union San Leandro Tenants Union San Leandro

Tenants Union San Leandro Mission:

Tenants Union San Leandro seeks to support and advocate for tenants and tenants’ rights regionally in the City of San Leandro and throughout the region. We believe that housing is a right and that tenants should feel secure that they will be able to stay in their home if they desire. Securing protections, including limits on rent increases and evictions, is essential to the stabilization of our communities. We will work to secure protections for tenants. Providing resources and education to tenants helps to make sure available protections are upheld. We will work to provide resources and education to tenants. Tenants’ associations help to build community within buildings and complexes and provide a means for tenants to address grievances to specific landlords collectively. We will work to build and support tenants’ associations.

Building a Tenants Union:

We’re currently in an organization building phase, working on defining our mission, goals, organizational structure and capacity while setting a path toward securing essential tenants rights through a Fair Rent Ordinance for San Leandro. If you are interested in building a city-wide tenants movement, please consider joining our volunteer team. Please check back for updates as we build our structure.